I will keep Shining

Not that I care what others think but I have reached a peak of acceptance towards closet sexism that thrives strongly among today’s men in the workforce. The undeniable disdain men exude through their words, demeanor, actions etc. has reached a new level of atrocity.

Why should I not be awarded something I am deserving of… I only put my best foot forward everyday. I aggressively work towards the mission’s goals, while actively working towards accomplishing my personal goals. No, I do not take short cuts! If I notice a problem, I am already presenting solutions.

The competition is real… You say or are always worried about this, that, and the third. Apparently you are not worried enough to always demean my very existent. Is the threat of my existence demeaning to your masculinity in comparison to the apparent success of my femininity? Do you feel threatened by the very existence of my refusal to quit or my drive to survive?

To whereas I am accomplishing my goals for myself, I can’t help but think you are accomplishing your goals for someone else. Or at least, if you did not you would not prey to defame the life of others. You would give credit where credit is due, acquire a lesson-learned, and move on!!!

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A Message to the #SlutWalk

So let me put this frank.

Women have had to climb an unequivocal ladder to prove that we too can be just as magnificent as our male counterparts.  And you come with this #slutwalk that sets us back 50 years, saying women are liberated and can do and wear what they want.  You subjectify your bodies for profit, you subjectify facts to fit your own ideals and think nothing of the other women who strive to better themselves through education and maintaining a prestigious image for all to R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!!

Definition of Subjective: existing in the mind 2. pertaining to or characteristic of an individual; personal; individual: a subjective evaluation.

We all have been through that defiant stage living with our parents, where we wanted to wear provocative clothing to portray that we are real women.  As teenagers, we start out wearing respectable clothing at the house and as the night progresses we tend to have less and less clothing on… (OOPS did I admit the truth).  Sure did, because we are all guilty of attempting to pursue a path that our parents have adamantly attempted to steer us away from. But I guess some women grow up, while others don’t.

I believe that women go through all lengths to achieve success and provide for their families.  So I am not here to knock the ways people chose to live their lives.  However, if you chose to live your life according to someone who achieved their fame by taking their clothes off and sleeping with wealthy men then I think you have no brain for yourself and are cheating yourself from a fair opportunity to live a true carefree life. Free of pain, free of fear, free of the potential possibility that it could happen to you, and most of all free of shame.

If you want to have sex with numerous men, that is your life.  You do not need to share your life with the world.  You want to live your life by following the leader by all means do just that.

But you know what… I grew up and figured that was not the image I wanted myself to perpetuate to others around me, as well as other young women and teenage girls.  Promoting women health, image, prosperity, intelligence, and beauty is great, but on a platform that is uplifting to all women, not just your kind.  We still have to pick up the pieces of this carefree lifestyle when women decide they do not want to live this life anymore.

At the end of the day I know women who have lived their lives the way you portray this image of women, #slutwalk, in social media.  Needless to say, they have died from AIDS, if not currently living with AIDS.  One woman is blind (due to another type of STD) and living with AIDS. Various of other women live with chronic STDs.

All types of women have been sexually assaulted.  Not just the ones that wear provocative clothing.  Old women, young women, powerful women, poor women, rich women, ALL WOMEN!!

But you want to capitalize on provocative and promiscuous women…

And then have the audacity to promote a stigma that has been so reluctantly labelled to one race…

“black women are more likely than white women to be thought of as inherently slutty (a phenomenon known as the Jezebel stereotype), and were therefore more reluctant to embrace (and, in a sense, validate) the label” (http://www.highsnobiety.com/2016/09/28/amber-rose-slut-walk/)

I guess my argument is: As hard as it is to be a black woman in America undergoing racial scrutiny by always being thought of as inferior due to my skin color and gender, being called “Bitch” two more times after you tell a person not to call you that and being told nonchalantly in an irrelevant conversation that “Sure, I would date a girl like you”; I do not want your representation. I do not want to be represented by someone who would prefer to validate reasons for being a slut and irresponsible. Yes, I am PISSED!

Question: When was the last time any of you attended a meeting, training, or webinar to aid women who have been sexually assaulted, vice pressing your ideals on society!?!?!?

You are not real, you are emotional from circumstantial, real-life situations that happen to be very unfortunate and sad.  However, you are setting a trend for young women and teenagers to follow further prohibiting their ability to make judicious decisions.  Most of all, you are barricading the true “Bad” women of the working class because you are perpetuating this awful image

There are some good points of the #Slut Walk, however, overall it projects a poor image of women who are living in an unrealistic world who chose not to have any control over their lives and their own actions (not talking about rape right now).  Although, being carefree is not a bad thing, there should be limits to the things we care and do not care about.

Just to clarify, no woman asks to be raped, but the actions that lead to  the rape are the things that we can potentially control if given the ability and opportunity to know better, we should do better.

This is targeted towards the audience of women who support the #SlutWalk; not defenseless children, battered women, women who have been and are victims of a generational curse of poverty and low-income areas, or women who have fallen victim to human trafficking.  There are so many women who cannot hep their situation and are made to wear provocative clothing in spite of their own wishes and control.

This is targeted towards women who willingly make the decision to wear the clothes they want to wear and hangout in the areas they want to hangout in, that consciously know what they are doing and who they decide to get involved with, and consciously know what is right and know what is wrong.

Women who can exercise self-control of their thoughts and image – should work towards not inserting their selves in vulnerable predicaments, not trusting everybody they meet, not being gullible to shiny objects and money, developing a strong positive image of their selves, taming their thirst for alcohol, educating their selves on the mind of a rapist and culture of rape, possibly taking self-empowerment classes to know their self-worth, possibly taking some self-defense classes and understanding self-defense, attempting anything that has more of a meaning than capitalizing on the image of women once they are raped or the outfit they wore when they slept with a man they could care less to know their name.

So instead of promoting the promiscuity of women, maybe we should promote and exercise voting rights to further support women’s rights, laws that protect women, and women’s equality!!!

So are you really doing a justice to women who have been caught in compromising situations that have led to rape or are you doing an injustice to women expressing their individuality and need to live unique lives  who have been broken by life’s taunting nightmares and hurt and betrayed by filthy, undeserving people?

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Hope + Faith = TrueAdulting

Although, I was raised in a Christian family growing up, I cannot say I fully understood the meaning of hope and prayer.  In those amateur stages of my life, my mother and the church family constantly prayed for my sister and I, even when we first left for the military.  Many Christians may refer to consistent prayer people as prayer warriors.  I know truly if it had not been for the power of prayer and those steadfast prayer warriors, I would have lost all hope in surviving to be a better, Christ-like person each day. It is not until recently that I have fully understood what it is to remain hopeful and consistently pray.

Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines hope as “to want something to happen or be true and think that it could happen or be true.”  This would appear to be a basic and earthly definition of hope.”  My definition of “hope” is a deep yearning desire for positive change, whether in health, finances, spirituality, welfare of others, etc.  I believe that a person cannot “hope for something” without exhibiting faith.  Merriam Webster’s dictionary utilizes a weak diction for the definition of hope in saying “to want something to” or “think that it could” be true!  Faith on the other hand is the “conviction that something is true” (Towns, 2007).

As a young Sailor, I use to long and desire for better days while being underway.  Things could not have been any worse in my life.  I thought I made all the wrong decisions.  I felt like I was drowning in a world of sin.  When I finally pulled back into port from this arduous underway, I went to church the following Sunday.  I remember the preacher discussing the topic of “hope” and he stated something like this, ”you can hope all day, but where is your faith?”  That’s when I realized the problem was me, my hope had no matter, most importantly it had no faith.  I began to go to church more and listen to the word of God from my pastor and church family, surprisingly it made me feel great on the inside.

According to Elmer Towns, “The Christian’s hope does not arise from his desire or wishes; rather it comes from God Himself, who gives the believer the gift of hope” (Towns, 2007).  I believe this statement to be true.  The hope I had while on the ship was a human hope, but the hope that is instilled in me now is an affirmed hope.  It is a hope that I know everything will be alright and I know God will protect, lead, and guide me the way that I should go.  Romans 5:1-2 assures Christians that we are “justified through faith,” “have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand.”  The true testament that I can attest to is continued in Romans 5:3-4, “Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope” (NIV).

Not only did I take it upon myself to start going to church without my mother telling me to get ready for church, I also began to pray.  According to Elmer Towns, prayer is defined as a “face-to-face relationship with God.” Reading God’s Word and personal prayer is the only way to get closer to the Holy Spirit, so that He may be able to lead and guide us in our daily lives.  Prayer is what continues our hope for the various issues we may discuss with God, such as “intercession for others, request for needs, praise and adoration to God, meditative prayer (thinking of God), warfare prayer against spiritual enemies, repentance after sinning, prayer of blessing others, and the prayer of faith for physical healing” (Towns, 2007).

As stated before the power of prayer brings us closer to the Holy spirit so that God can guide and direct our paths.  This intellectual journey can be referred to as a special encounter.  Special encounters with God cannot be predicted.  They are proven through faithful prayer and worship to God almighty.  There are various situations that biblical authors were in that were blessed to have an encounter with God such as, Moses freeing God’s people (intentional encounter with God) or Job’s heartache and suffering (a specific task).  Many times as Christians, we get caught up and forget to praise the Lord, for all the good and bad that happens in our life.

Continuing on with my spiritual journey through prayer, I was able to better handle my work issues and feelings and emotions towards others.  When I started to feel like things were getting out of control, I knew my safe haven was God Almighty and that he would take care of all my troubles and cares.  I am a living testimony to Psalm 91:2, “I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust” (NIV).  I do believe that God works in mysterious ways, there were times when he completely removed me from situations and then there were time where I had to endure situations much like Job.  I can only presume that it was the Lord’s way of testing my faith.  Instead of panicking and get all upset like I used to I apply Philippians 4:6-7 to my life.  It instructs me to “not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” (NIV).


In conclusion, hope and prayer collectively are what we need to build our relationship with the Lord and to become spiritually inclined in our faith and understanding of Christ and how He wants us to live our lives.  Instead of living with human hope, I now live with Christian hope. A hope that does not put me to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into my heart through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to me (Romans 5:5, NIV).  When I now think about hope I do not think of it as despair, something that will never change.  Instead, I pray to God in hope of  a brighter future, in hope of Him to heal the sick, in hope to touch an unbeliever, in hope to fix whatever I need, because I have the conviction in knowing He is able and He will! Romans 12:12 tells us to “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer” (NIV).

***This is dedicated to my Mother.  She has instilled in me, key morals and values to leading a successful and prosperous life and they all begin with God  and end with God, through hope, prayer, and faith!

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Uplifting our Beautiful Black YOUTH!

Youth of ________________ Church. I would like for you to know that it is an honor to know and study African Americans that have paved the way for you and me; we are able to walk, talk, and accomplish our goals with ease; it is truly a blessing, because we do not have to endure what they did.  We as black people should be truly grateful for their sacrifices, their persistence, and their determination to achieve equality.


Understanding the importance of the color of your skin will help you in understanding the significance of this month.  The significance of this month is to commemorate our African American ancestors that have conquered the tumultuous battles of being harshly mistreated and to uphold their legacy through accomplishing the very things they desired and could not.  Not only is it meant to commemorate our ancestors, but to recognize the current African American leaders who so admirably are still reaching new heights and new depths that we thought we would never see because of the color of our skin.

I personally want you to understand that the:

The color of your skin does not define your circumstances and your circumstances does not define the color of your skin. Meaning the color of your skin does not predict who you are and what you want to be and your situation and environment will not predict where you end up… That means you can be the President of the United States like Barack Obama the first African American president, a CEO like Ursala Burns who was the first black woman to take head of a fortune 500 company, a gymnast like Gabrielle Douglas first African American to become the individual all-around champion in the Olympics, a ballerina like Misty Copeland who was the first African American woman to be promoted to principal dancer, an astronaut like Guy Bluford who was the first African American to fly into space,  a district attorney like Haben Girma who is the first deaf and blind African American to graduate from Harvard University, just to name a few…  We need to be proud of the color of our skin because we keep surpassing the odds of being a success and inspiration to many.



He sent his only begotten Son to show us the way.  We need to embrace the Light.  Our Father is the owner of both Heaven, Earth, and everything therein.  He wants us to have it and we can if we simply walk by faith.

I would like to encourage you youth to be great soldiers for Our Lord by establishing a personal relationship with the Him.

Proverbs 3:5-6 tells us to Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

By keeping God first, As you continue on with the stresses of your academic journey and choosing your career path remember to

Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken as Psalm 55:22 states.

Lastly, I want encourage you to be the best and choose to do the best in all that you do, that encompasses school, beginner jobs, and most importantly your relationship with Christ.  When you feel that you want to give up I want you to repeat to yourselves what Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.”

Remember you cannot do anything on your own, you need Jesus.  Faith and belief in God, good deeds and charity, hard work and to never give up, will allow all of you to not just follow the path, but to make your own!!



You, are the children of our future! Skin color and all, you, are the children of our future!!!

I will leave you with this quote. Youth please repeat after me:

“If it is to be, It is up to me!” -CMC Kemp

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My Black History Month Speech

This was my speech for Black History Month:

Good Afternoon – faculty, staff, and friends.  I am honored to speak at this year’s 2016 Black History Month Program.  Giving honor to African Americans that have paved the way for me to be able to walk, talk, and accomplish my goals with ease is truly a blessing, because I do not have to endure what they did.  I am truly grateful for their sacrifices, their persistence, and their determination to achieve equality.  Some may associate Black History month with more prevalent African American names such as Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and Rosa Parks. Some may also associate Black History Month more so with the Civil Rights Movement of the mid-1900s.  Yes, it is true these legends carried a heavy burden on their shoulders in the “Fight for Right.” But this battle, this fight started since earlier settlers of America decided they needed assistance in the production of tobacco in 1619.  For every year we were entrapped in these harsh circumstances was an African American that dedicated his/her life through fighting, dying, and writing to bring us one step closer to equality.  This speech will encompass those Black heroes that history rarely mentions or credits.

“Liberty is equally as precious to a black man, as it is to a white one, and bondage equally as intolerable to the one as it is to the other.” Lemuel Haynes, an influential African-American religious leader who argued against slavery, wrote this in response to Thomas Jefferson’s, Declaration of Independence famous introduction, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

In the history and founding of our country We credit various white leaders and dedicate statues to these monumental figures, never once reasoning that it took an army, a multitude of diversity to get to where we are today.  Growing up I remember studying in my history textbooks people such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin, and maybe a few other names signed on the Declaration of Independence solely responsible for the founding of this great nation.

3 Founding Fathers


Our generation is quick to recognize these political figures as, what we would call, ‘mainstream’ politicians and soldiers of the 17 and 1800s; as the historical heroes, but what about the rest, what about the Blacks that advocated for America’s fight?


This country has failed to recognize the diverse effort dedicated to building this country by preachers and politicians, blacks and whites.  The irony of it all is, modern society does not credit these iconic African American figures, but yet our Founding Fathers had the decency and respect to recognize these notable people in their journals and other written works.  You actually will discover that they have an extremely different list of people who are responsible in the founding of our great nation.  People like John Adams pointed to not only white preachers such as, “Rev. Dr. Johnathan Mayhew & Rev. George Whitfield” but to prominent African American preachers, as well, such as Richard Allen (an African American religious leader, first and founder of the African American Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church, and a renowned advocate of individual rights of all Americans including African Americans),

Absolem Jones

Absolem Jones (the first African American preacher ordained in the Episcopalian church, and an active abolitionist who petitioned the wrongs of slavery and the slave trade), John Marrant (an African American preacher whose sermon became famous and preserved on the ‘equality’ of all men), and Lemuel Haynes (a patriot hero and African American pastor who was most known for his manuscript “Liberty Further Extended”) .  Along with these individual achievements, these African American men emphasized the importance of individual rights to include those of African Americans which helped lay the foundation for the America we know today!

But no one knows them!!!!

Not only is it rarely recognized that blacks assisted in the foundation of this country but it is seldom taught that blacks and whites were fighting side by side to win this country and their freedom!!!!

Everyone knows the famous “Midnight Ride of Paul Rivere” but what we do not know is that simultaneously Wentworth Cheswell, a renowned black civic service leader holding various positions in office and local government, rode North on the same mission. He was also an honorary patriot leader who was hand-selected by his community to serve as the messenger for the Committee of Safety.  This committee was known as the central nervous system of the American Revolution that carried intelligence and messages back and forth between strategic operational centers.  He undertook the same task as Paul Revere, making an all-night ride to warn citizens of imminent British invasion.

But no one knows him!!!!

Most are unaware that Peter Salem, a black patriot, was the hero in the Battle of Bunker hill.  Although, he is clearly painted in a famous picture, received special honors, awards and commendations for the killing of British Major John Pitcaim and the preservation of many American lives in this battle…

…No one knows him!!!

Even in the famous picture of “The great crossing of the Delaware River” …George Washington was accompanied by Prince Whipple and Oliver Cromwell.  2 African Americans that served throughout the American Revolution with the general and the general’s staff.

But no one knows them!!!

And, even at the last battle.  “The Battle of Yorktown” — Accompanying Gen. Marquis de Lafayette was James Armistead. The first African American double agent who risked his life in an attempt to gain the trust of British Generals Cornwallis and traitor Benedict Arnold.  In his efforts to gain their trust he was successful in obtaining information from the British and supplying crucial military information to the continental army which ultimately led to America’s victory in the American Revolution.

But no one knows him!!!!

Although, historically we have many African American heroes that contributed to the foundation of the United States of America, we only have one statue located in the District of Columbia to commemorate the fight, the struggle, the bloodshed, the protests, the walks, the many innocent killings, and the sacrifices of and for the many African Americans that served selflessly for the rights of many.  Knowing that we have finally earned a spot in D.C. to honor a magnificent contributor, Martin Luther King Jr., for equal rights of African Americans, it feels even better to understand that we have a piece of our past, our legacy that is engraved into American history.  That is more exhilarating than you will ever know!!!



I will close with a quote by our President Barack Obama.



In accepting that there is only one America does not mean that we erase our past, but we embrace our history and preserve our culture to emanate in a progressive future of intellectual growth, wise decisions, and momentous movements.


(Inspired by a sermon by Dave Burton.)

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My interpretation of focus and the end result…

I want to encourage everyone to remain focused.  Even if that means eliminating unnecessary drama, people, materialistic objects, basically all mediocrity out of your your life and starting completely over. Putting God first and the power of prayer can take you further than what you think you can do on your own! 

Romans 8:5 “For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit set their minds on the things of the Spirit” (ESV).

Also read: Matthew 6:33, Psalm 1:1-6, Proverbs 16:3, Luke 17:1-37.


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A Black Topic

It was Martin Luther King, Jr. that said “We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline.” —–> Boycotting the Oscars??

Not that it needs to be Black History Month, but it is the idealistic time to discuss the controversy of an All-White Oscars.  Just to ask a relevant question how many blacks do we know off the top of our heads that have been nominated and won an Oscar?

Well I know of three people:

Denzel Washington – Training Day

Halle Berry – Monster’s Ball

Jamie Foxx – Ray

We all have an idea of what happened in those films and the scrutiny that lies behind them in their relation to winning the Oscar.

Below is the link to view blacks who have been nominated and won an Oscar:


I do not solely blame Whites for racism or unfair decisions for the Oscar nominees.

I also blame black people who choose to separate themselves from their culture and roots to identify with something they never were and never are going to be.  I blame people of color for not expanding their wealth to ensure other blacks are taken care of in the United States of America. So many celebrities donate millions upon millions of dollars to Africa and third world countries before they donate and uplift the poverty stricken black communities in America.  I blame black people that started from humble beginnings but somewhere along their journey they forgot who they are and where they came from and now they have let the ways Hollywood consume them.  They can stand up so boldly and express “They do not consider themselves black.” Not only was it your raw talent that got you this fortune but a great deal of the black audience who has graciously supported you and afforded you those multiple house and car investments, and the finest of the finest clothes, jewelry, and anything else your heart desires.

The same people you do not want to be anymore, the same people you do not want to represent, and the same people you do not want to keep their dream alive; I can promise you there is a white person out there, that irregardless if they appreciate black iconic figures that have progressively struggled to create an equal opportunity environment for their generation and future generations to come, will willingly to take on the challenge of writing, filming, producing, and directing films of a race they know nothing about. What films am I talking about?  Selma,  Straight Outta Compton, The War Room, The Express, Remember the Titans, Django all great films with outstanding performances by extraordinary black actors, but guess what??? ALL films emphasized or portrayed the life/lifestyle and the struggle of black people but were directed/produced by mostly whites.  (Like, I don’t understand!!!)

My question is, do you really need an Oscar to validate who you are as an actor/actress? I mean if this False Idol has that much control over your life, then you really have no sense of pride, self-esteem, morals, or values.  You have let the whites on the board of the Oscars determine why you do what you do!!! (If that is even the case) Oh and not to mention, you have eliminated and undermined all the thoughts and opinions of your millions upon millions of followers and fans (nationally and internationally) and resorted all your attention to gaining the approval of a a group of people that call them the Oscar Board…(I really do not know how else to word that)

You want to win?? Open up your creative side.  Stop becoming so closed up and uppity due to your new societal status or letting materialistic fortune consume you!  I have heard or seen post from friends describing just how rude some black celebrities are in person/reality.  The lack of consistency of being able to maintain a humble mind and who you were when you first started out is a problem.  You no longer know who are you are, where you came from, and who you want to represent! Branch out to some of these communities or conduct contest for plays, films, script-writing, etc. See what ideas are out there!!!  Do some simple soul searching…  Be more of a role model through proactive efforts and not just showing up to a school to talk to children or throwing a block party/fun day, etc.  Enrich a child’s life through proactive educational activities that can help you and them grow socially and intellectually… You want to win??? You need to bring meaning back to your life and most of all take claim back of your heritage and embrace it!!!!

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