Remove the Statues!

In Tupac’s song “Keep Ya Head Up,” he raps that black people were not “meant to survive” in America. Those monstrous Confederate statues posted only affirm the generational hindrance he raps about in the song.

Yeah it is history, but it is a bad part of history, that represents a fucked up ideology! Stolen from a country against their own will or sold into slavery, our ancestors were born into a horrible era of hate and chaos, which has led to generations of oppression.  The blood of all the beatings and whippings, the tears from being taken advantage of without consent, sweat from back-breaking labor, and pain from being ripped apart from family members was all meant to keep black people down.  This is what saturates American soil (not to forget the harsh removal of American Indians and Mexicans from their initial homes in America).

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Years of slavery, brutal killings, and rape is what the Confederate statues glorify.

Years of stigmatizing the black community as uneducated beings is what Confederate statues glorify.

Years of not letting black people own their lives and their decisions is what confederate statues glorify.

It is time to rid America of those disdainful statues, meant to constantly remind black people of inferiority.  It is time to eliminate the prejudging, stereotyping, and profiling that those statues have left as a remnant of injustice to black people.

Maybe once those statues are eliminated young black boys wearing hoodies will not be shot, excessive force will not be used on young black girls in school or black women who get pulled over for not turning on their signal light while changing lanes. Image result for black people survive quotes Maybe black people will not have that hard exterior that is perceived as violent. Maybe just for a second we can live in peace without getting chastised or ridiculed for the color of our skin, the texture of our hair, and the curves of our body.

Maybe, once America rids the world of those statues it will stimulate a change necessary for blacks and whites to coexist in the same country without always dwelling on this one era in life that no one can change.  But we can all accept that it happened, accept that the confederate army was defeated, and accept that the whole situation was morally unjust and move forward with our lives to ensure that this never takes place again!

Image result for black people survive quotesWe will no longer consider ourselves a minority in White America. The false belief that we live in a white man’s world will slowly diminish. We will begin to not take the path of least resistance. Yes, while there are many black people who have made something out of themselves we still have a long way to go in uplifting the black community so that all black people know they can achieve greater things in life. That will only start by the removal of an inanimate object that glorifies oppression, depression, and suppression of black people.

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