My Thoughts

I saw Hidden Figures this previous weekend and it was absolutely a phenomenal movie.  I did not know that black women partook in the journey of the first man into space, orbiting the earth, and on the moon.  If anything else does not inspire me, which a lot of things do, this movie has definitely been  my initial inspiration and motivation for 2017.

Now with this whole Kim Burrell nonsense.  Do not base your opinion on seeing the movie based on her atrocious sermon.  Now does she seem like a raging homophobic with xenophobic tendencies that speaks before she thinks, YES! Although, I may not personally agree with a person’s lifestyle, I will not judge that individual or condemn that individual, because overall I am not the judge.  God is!! It is also none of my business who and how others want to spend their time.  However, I will continue to spread the Word of God, and to me, that is to love everybody.img_2950

I think it is an unfortunate situation that she lost her promotion endeavors, but, ultimately, its her fault.  She has no significance in the movie, except a soundtrack. Her opinion on a demographic of people should not dictate you watching the movie, because the movie reveals a part of history that most were not aware of. I love knowing what my ancestors have accomplished.  I detest when people bring bad vibes to historically, astronomical moments and the true attention and intention is deflected to mediocrity.

This movie has truly motivated me to accomplish all my academic goals this year,   I hope to share with you all later down the road!






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