Hey Blackie

It amazes me how the reflection of dislike and discontent towards one another is seen through children at the young age of 14 years old.

A boy suspended two days out of school for defending, once again, the color of his skin.  Yes, someone called him BLACKIE!

I did not know what to tell the boy as he is a product of an interracial relationship with the absence of Blackie.  I could only feel for the boy and tell him from my standpoint that it does not get any easier.

Person:  Hey, Blackie!

Me:  Yes, I am Black! That is who I am, not for the negative connotation you have given to the color of my skin. I accept who I am… big nose and eyes.Full lips and round curves.  Plump butt and thick thighs.  Kinky hair and round bodacious curves. Muscular tone from the rhythm my body can move to on the dance floor.

See I knew once I accepted who I am my heart would not generate hate from filthy words used by another human being. Instead, I can emanate a change through my actions of acceptance.

Being black is what motivates me to keep going, to keep surpassing my peers, especially those who have spoken racial slurs against me and have cursed my very existence.

I want to encourage all Black youth to keep pressing forward.  You do not need to defend the color of your skin.  Defend the content of your mind and the elevation of your intelligence through the truth and acceptance of who you are and who you are meant to be.

So many warriors have come and gone and fought for the color of our skin, that should tell you something right there!!!  So many have won over our rights to be free!! So many have won over our emancipation to aspire to be anything that you want to be!!! So many creations have been made through the brilliant minds of your same skin color!!!

So be proud.  If someone uses that language against you.  Tell them, “you are who God made you to be and you accept who God made you to be.”  You can, also, tell them “defining people by their skin color proves just how inferior and ignorant the human race can really be!”

#ilovemyskin #blackie #blackmagic #parentsdobetter #teachourchildrentolove #Whitneysong #GreatestloveofALL #IamME #WhoarreYOU



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