I will keep Shining

Not that I care what others think but I have reached a peak of acceptance towards closet sexism that thrives strongly among today’s men in the workforce. The undeniable disdain men exude through their words, demeanor, actions etc. has reached a new level of atrocity.

Why should I not be awarded something I am deserving of… I only put my best foot forward everyday. I aggressively work towards the mission’s goals, while actively working towards accomplishing my personal goals. No, I do not take short cuts! If I notice a problem, I am already presenting solutions.

The competition is real… You say or are always worried about this, that, and the third. Apparently you are not worried enough to always demean my very existent. Is the threat of my existence demeaning to your masculinity in comparison to the apparent success of my femininity? Do you feel threatened by the very existence of my refusal to quit or my drive to survive?

To whereas I am accomplishing my goals for myself, I can’t help but think you are accomplishing your goals for someone else. Or at least, if you did not you would not prey to defame the life of others. You would give credit where credit is due, acquire a lesson-learned, and move on!!!


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