A Message to the #SlutWalk

So let me put this frank.

Women have had to climb an unequivocal ladder to prove that we too can be just as magnificent as our male counterparts.  And you come with this #slutwalk that sets us back 50 years, saying women are liberated and can do and wear what they want.  You subjectify your bodies for profit, you subjectify facts to fit your own ideals and think nothing of the other women who strive to better themselves through education and maintaining a prestigious image for all to R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!!

Definition of Subjective: existing in the mind 2. pertaining to or characteristic of an individual; personal; individual: a subjective evaluation.

We all have been through that defiant stage living with our parents, where we wanted to wear provocative clothing to portray that we are real women.  As teenagers, we start out wearing respectable clothing at the house and as the night progresses we tend to have less and less clothing on… (OOPS did I admit the truth).  Sure did, because we are all guilty of attempting to pursue a path that our parents have adamantly attempted to steer us away from. But I guess some women grow up, while others don’t.

I believe that women go through all lengths to achieve success and provide for their families.  So I am not here to knock the ways people chose to live their lives.  However, if you chose to live your life according to someone who achieved their fame by taking their clothes off and sleeping with wealthy men then I think you have no brain for yourself and are cheating yourself from a fair opportunity to live a true carefree life. Free of pain, free of fear, free of the potential possibility that it could happen to you, and most of all free of shame.

If you want to have sex with numerous men, that is your life.  You do not need to share your life with the world.  You want to live your life by following the leader by all means do just that.

But you know what… I grew up and figured that was not the image I wanted myself to perpetuate to others around me, as well as other young women and teenage girls.  Promoting women health, image, prosperity, intelligence, and beauty is great, but on a platform that is uplifting to all women, not just your kind.  We still have to pick up the pieces of this carefree lifestyle when women decide they do not want to live this life anymore.

At the end of the day I know women who have lived their lives the way you portray this image of women, #slutwalk, in social media.  Needless to say, they have died from AIDS, if not currently living with AIDS.  One woman is blind (due to another type of STD) and living with AIDS. Various of other women live with chronic STDs.

All types of women have been sexually assaulted.  Not just the ones that wear provocative clothing.  Old women, young women, powerful women, poor women, rich women, ALL WOMEN!!

But you want to capitalize on provocative and promiscuous women…

And then have the audacity to promote a stigma that has been so reluctantly labelled to one race…

“black women are more likely than white women to be thought of as inherently slutty (a phenomenon known as the Jezebel stereotype), and were therefore more reluctant to embrace (and, in a sense, validate) the label” (http://www.highsnobiety.com/2016/09/28/amber-rose-slut-walk/)

I guess my argument is: As hard as it is to be a black woman in America undergoing racial scrutiny by always being thought of as inferior due to my skin color and gender, being called “Bitch” two more times after you tell a person not to call you that and being told nonchalantly in an irrelevant conversation that “Sure, I would date a girl like you”; I do not want your representation. I do not want to be represented by someone who would prefer to validate reasons for being a slut and irresponsible. Yes, I am PISSED!

Question: When was the last time any of you attended a meeting, training, or webinar to aid women who have been sexually assaulted, vice pressing your ideals on society!?!?!?

You are not real, you are emotional from circumstantial, real-life situations that happen to be very unfortunate and sad.  However, you are setting a trend for young women and teenagers to follow further prohibiting their ability to make judicious decisions.  Most of all, you are barricading the true “Bad” women of the working class because you are perpetuating this awful image

There are some good points of the #Slut Walk, however, overall it projects a poor image of women who are living in an unrealistic world who chose not to have any control over their lives and their own actions (not talking about rape right now).  Although, being carefree is not a bad thing, there should be limits to the things we care and do not care about.

Just to clarify, no woman asks to be raped, but the actions that lead to  the rape are the things that we can potentially control if given the ability and opportunity to know better, we should do better.

This is targeted towards the audience of women who support the #SlutWalk; not defenseless children, battered women, women who have been and are victims of a generational curse of poverty and low-income areas, or women who have fallen victim to human trafficking.  There are so many women who cannot hep their situation and are made to wear provocative clothing in spite of their own wishes and control.

This is targeted towards women who willingly make the decision to wear the clothes they want to wear and hangout in the areas they want to hangout in, that consciously know what they are doing and who they decide to get involved with, and consciously know what is right and know what is wrong.

Women who can exercise self-control of their thoughts and image – should work towards not inserting their selves in vulnerable predicaments, not trusting everybody they meet, not being gullible to shiny objects and money, developing a strong positive image of their selves, taming their thirst for alcohol, educating their selves on the mind of a rapist and culture of rape, possibly taking self-empowerment classes to know their self-worth, possibly taking some self-defense classes and understanding self-defense, attempting anything that has more of a meaning than capitalizing on the image of women once they are raped or the outfit they wore when they slept with a man they could care less to know their name.

So instead of promoting the promiscuity of women, maybe we should promote and exercise voting rights to further support women’s rights, laws that protect women, and women’s equality!!!

So are you really doing a justice to women who have been caught in compromising situations that have led to rape or are you doing an injustice to women expressing their individuality and need to live unique lives  who have been broken by life’s taunting nightmares and hurt and betrayed by filthy, undeserving people?

#womensrights #powerfulwomen #validationnotneeded #pickandchoseyourbattles #betactful #stopcategorizingALLwomen #whyslut #doyoureallywanttobecalledaslut #thatsstupid #toeachhisown #notjudging #fightforintelligence #notpromiscuity #notsex #whybesomethingmediocre #whysettleformediocrity


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