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It was Martin Luther King, Jr. that said “We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline.” —–> Boycotting the Oscars??

Not that it needs to be Black History Month, but it is the idealistic time to discuss the controversy of an All-White Oscars.  Just to ask a relevant question how many blacks do we know off the top of our heads that have been nominated and won an Oscar?

Well I know of three people:

Denzel Washington – Training Day

Halle Berry – Monster’s Ball

Jamie Foxx – Ray

We all have an idea of what happened in those films and the scrutiny that lies behind them in their relation to winning the Oscar.

Below is the link to view blacks who have been nominated and won an Oscar:


I do not solely blame Whites for racism or unfair decisions for the Oscar nominees.

I also blame black people who choose to separate themselves from their culture and roots to identify with something they never were and never are going to be.  I blame people of color for not expanding their wealth to ensure other blacks are taken care of in the United States of America. So many celebrities donate millions upon millions of dollars to Africa and third world countries before they donate and uplift the poverty stricken black communities in America.  I blame black people that started from humble beginnings but somewhere along their journey they forgot who they are and where they came from and now they have let the ways Hollywood consume them.  They can stand up so boldly and express “They do not consider themselves black.” Not only was it your raw talent that got you this fortune but a great deal of the black audience who has graciously supported you and afforded you those multiple house and car investments, and the finest of the finest clothes, jewelry, and anything else your heart desires.

The same people you do not want to be anymore, the same people you do not want to represent, and the same people you do not want to keep their dream alive; I can promise you there is a white person out there, that irregardless if they appreciate black iconic figures that have progressively struggled to create an equal opportunity environment for their generation and future generations to come, will willingly to take on the challenge of writing, filming, producing, and directing films of a race they know nothing about. What films am I talking about?  Selma,  Straight Outta Compton, The War Room, The Express, Remember the Titans, Django all great films with outstanding performances by extraordinary black actors, but guess what??? ALL films emphasized or portrayed the life/lifestyle and the struggle of black people but were directed/produced by mostly whites.  (Like, I don’t understand!!!)

My question is, do you really need an Oscar to validate who you are as an actor/actress? I mean if this False Idol has that much control over your life, then you really have no sense of pride, self-esteem, morals, or values.  You have let the whites on the board of the Oscars determine why you do what you do!!! (If that is even the case) Oh and not to mention, you have eliminated and undermined all the thoughts and opinions of your millions upon millions of followers and fans (nationally and internationally) and resorted all your attention to gaining the approval of a a group of people that call them the Oscar Board…(I really do not know how else to word that)

You want to win?? Open up your creative side.  Stop becoming so closed up and uppity due to your new societal status or letting materialistic fortune consume you!  I have heard or seen post from friends describing just how rude some black celebrities are in person/reality.  The lack of consistency of being able to maintain a humble mind and who you were when you first started out is a problem.  You no longer know who are you are, where you came from, and who you want to represent! Branch out to some of these communities or conduct contest for plays, films, script-writing, etc. See what ideas are out there!!!  Do some simple soul searching…  Be more of a role model through proactive efforts and not just showing up to a school to talk to children or throwing a block party/fun day, etc.  Enrich a child’s life through proactive educational activities that can help you and them grow socially and intellectually… You want to win??? You need to bring meaning back to your life and most of all take claim back of your heritage and embrace it!!!!


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