Spread a Little Love

So I know a lot of you have been hurt this year by human error, whether it be lied to or cheated on by significant others, deceived by people we called friends which resulted in loss of possessions or financial instability.  You also might be feeling downtrodden due to a deceased family member. Ultimately, you have been betrayed or have lost the love that once thrived through your very soul.

Well, I am here to encourage you and say everything will be alright! You see sometimes we get so caught up in people, we think they can bring us happiness, joy, strength, hope, motivation, or boost any of our personal quality traits.

Just to share my personal experience, I was adopted and growing up was very hard at times, not my physical state but my mental state.  Luckily for me I was placed in a good, loving home at three years old and that was by God’s grace. (You cannot forget to lift up God’s name for the good, bad, and ugly that has taken place in your life.)  I was still confused though.  I always asked myself, “Why would someone give up their child?”  It is something that has to be wrong with me. I been faced with that question quite a few times when it came to failed relationships and friendships.  For the longest it was really hard for me to love myself and others that showed me love.  It wasn’t until I left home that I started to appreciate my family way more.  It was good times, bad times, and ugly times just like with everyone else’s family, but I learned to appreciate all of it.  Not only that, my mother instilled in me the values of the Bible and told me what God had to offer me.  It was the love of God, and only God that could make me feel whole and fill every void and numbing pain in my body.

“I CAN LOVE AGAIN!” At least that’s how I felt when I finally let all of what was holding me back from loving go.  I cannot emphasize enough that it is something about loving a spiritual being that you have never seen or touched.  I began to love myself and accept all my flaws and the things that make me ME! I can love others even those that have betrayed me, I just know now how to deal with them.

The old saying goes:

Fool me once shame on YOU.

Fool me twice shame on ME.

I’ve learned to love people from a distance after the first time they fool me.  That way they know they can’t fool me the second time and if they do SHAME ON ME, RIGHT?  Just because they fool me or portray foolish characteristics does not mean that you blockade your heart because you do not want to be hurt again. Learn and grow from your mistakes.  Don’t neglect who you really are to become this cold, isolated individual.  That’s not what God wants us to do.

If you have lost someone this year I am truly very sorry for your loss.  I also want to tell you don’t blockade your love for the live people surrounding you each and everyday due to grieving.  I have no way of ensuring you when the pain will go away but I can say there are others around you that still need you.  Your love is not lost!

So those of you who have been broken, I just want to encourage you to put love, trust, and faith in Jesus and He will teach you how to love again. With that, the Holy Spirit will lead and guide you in your decision making process of who you are meant to be surrounded by, what you need to do, when you need to do it, where you need to go, and why you need to do those things.

Don’t let your current situation get you down this Christmas or any day in the New Year.  As much as it might hurt reflect on the fun times with deceased loved ones, focus on the good times you had with that Ex (the pain will soon go away), turn all your negativity into something positive. When you do feel down look around and notice the children that are laughing and singing anxiously waiting to open their Christmas presents.  Ultimately, reflect on the birth of Christ and uplift and praise his name as the angels did…

“Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying,

‘Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests!!!'”


People say ‘DIE’…. God said ‘LIVE’ (Colossians 3:23-24)

 People say ‘BE STILL’… God said ‘MOVE’ (Psalm 37:1-40; Philippians 3:14)

People say ‘DON’T KNOCK’… God said ‘SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND’ (Luke 11:8-10)

People say ‘HATE’… God said ‘LOVE’ (John 15:12; 1 Corinthians 13)

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Maybe my favorite Christmas song will get you in the spirit of Christmas…


About AI

Hi Everyone, First and foremost, I love talking about the Lord, because I know through Him all things are possible. He has brought me through the many unexpected trials of life, and He still loves me even after all of my trespasses. I aspire to love anyone and everything like Jesus. I would consider myself a Positivist and I am the epitome of a DOER! I believe that if you are positive you will get anything accomplished. It may be hard, it may be difficult but at the end you will achieve success in knowing you can DO anything! I like to find and witness the good in everything. I like to know what's going on with people, why they think the way they think or do the things they do! I love to have discussions about things, feelings, ideas, people, etc. that matter and that could potentially improve someone's situation or mindset. So why not start a blog? It is the new Gift of Gab!!! It's a way to acquire diverse opinions, talk and meet new people, everything I love to do!!! I hope you all enjoy reading my blogs and feel free to comment and share anything that is on your mind... Follow me on Instagram: @ana.honesty Blessings ALL!!! :-)
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