Alright Here it is everybody!! This is the workout I will be doing for the end of this year and Beginning of next!!! We can do this!!!!

Workout Regimen (Click to view workout schedule)

Workout Regimen 2 (Click to view workout schedule)

My goal is to run 50 miles for the month!!!! I plan on running 2-3 miles a day, I am actually doing an ab and squat challenge…
Even if you don’t run you can aim to walk the miles… Or jump on an elliptical.
I’ve done research it is better to workout in the morning with little to no food, drink fluids (water mainly). Vitamin water is good….  Another thing that was big on my initial losing 10 ponds was cutting out all sugars…  Even when it comes to drinks… We might think juice is good, but most of the time it is over loaded with sugars… It’s ok to grab a gatorade after your run, I usually mix it with water…  DRINK WATER!!!!!
My diet is consisting of:
Breakfast:  Coffee w/ organic brown sugar/Blueberry Slimlife Tea (purchase from GNC it’s like 3.99 -It get’s rid of all the unnecessary water weight) They also speed up your metabolism…
Oatmeal and/or fruit 
Lunch:   Boiled egg salad/chicken garden salad Dinner
Dinner:  Chicken, Ground Turkey, Fish, Shrimp/Fish with fresh veggies or salad. Try to have little to no carbs…
For snacks:
Chobani Yogurt
Orange (Citrus gives you energy)
Carrots or Celery

The goal is to keep your intake of calories at a minimum each day…I usually eat on a 1,000 to 1,200 diet (If you feel light headed or dizzy it’s because this is a low calorie count, you can very well use protein shakes as an in between for meals and snack)… and try to stop eating around 8p.m. everyday.

You can try downloading the MyFitness Pal App as well, to keep up with your calories.

Let me know if you have any questions… You can do it!!!!

Also, download the Nike App and add each other as friends… This will help to keep each other motivated to keep going!!!!

If you need any health or workout tips, or maybe have some other issue you are more than welcome to e-mail me aingram1991.ai@gmail.com.

(Photo credit: bodyrocktv.com.com)


About AI

Hi Everyone, First and foremost, I love talking about the Lord, because I know through Him all things are possible. He has brought me through the many unexpected trials of life, and He still loves me even after all of my trespasses. I aspire to love anyone and everything like Jesus. I would consider myself a Positivist and I am the epitome of a DOER! I believe that if you are positive you will get anything accomplished. It may be hard, it may be difficult but at the end you will achieve success in knowing you can DO anything! I like to find and witness the good in everything. I like to know what's going on with people, why they think the way they think or do the things they do! I love to have discussions about things, feelings, ideas, people, etc. that matter and that could potentially improve someone's situation or mindset. So why not start a blog? It is the new Gift of Gab!!! It's a way to acquire diverse opinions, talk and meet new people, everything I love to do!!! I hope you all enjoy reading my blogs and feel free to comment and share anything that is on your mind... Follow me on Instagram: @ana.honesty Blessings ALL!!! :-)
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3 Responses to #22DayChallenge

  1. I walk. Being 56 with bad knees and joints I am prohibited by my doctors from doing anything that affects my knees. Lost two weeks of work last from gym injuries. Thought I was in my teens or 20s. Had flashbacks to the 1970s and my Army days when my body was flexible and strong. However my current 50+ body reminded me Not So! Spent several months doing physical therapy.
    Learned my lesson. I now stick to walking.
    Because I have hypertension I avoid salty foods. I’m also lactose intolerant so no milk or ice cream.
    All my life I’ve been naturally thin so I don’t care about calories. At my age I worry more a


  2. I worry about indigestion. Thanks to menopause some foods are difficult to digest like red meat.
    Overall my health is good and I look forward to retiring in two years.


    • anaingram says:

      That’s wonderful you fit walking into your schedule. You should see this 50+ year old people at the gym I go to. I admire them. They have long since retired from the military and a second job as well. I’m just like I pray I have that much gusto at that age. Just stick to walking or try the elliptical that’s better on joints. And congrats on retiring!!!!!


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