It’s Thanksgiving!

I do not know about you all but I think this year has flown by super fast.

At the end of the year, especially around the holidays people, myself in particular, begin to reminisce on the year long events that took place. If you are anything like me you may begin to panic and say you have not obtained the goals you set for this year. Needless to say, you may retract this year’s resolution and say that It is REALLY going to be 2016’s resolution and you will stick by your word. But this year I have a change of heart.

There are so many people who like to mope in their failures and sorrows, complain about what God has not done for them, then there are  those self-made individuals that fail to recognize that all their successes and achievements have come from the Lord.  Maybe that’s the reason things are not looking up in your life, because you fail to realize that God has dominion over everything.  When things are not quite going our way and seem to be spiraling out of control we have the tendency to blame God and ask “Why me God?”

God uses the vessel Job to portray just how worst case scenario can envelope your life and leave you stricken with the inability to keep believing in Him. In the Book of Job, Satan had stripped everything from Job except his health, which God did not allow at the time. Satan’s attempts to turn Job against God were unforeseeable by Job and his family and a downright disgrace. Once, Satan had taken all the material wealth, animals, servants, and even children away from Job, He still continued to serve and praise God.  In Job’s deepest despair he begins worshiping God by saying.:

“We bring nothing at birth;
we take nothing
    with us at death.
The Lord alone Gives and takes.
Praise the name of the Lord!”  (Job 1:22)

Even when God allowed Satan to inflict physical affliction on Job he did not curse God, however, the  same could not be said about his wife’s feelings.  Which can best be determined through her words of anguish to Job, “Why do you not curse your God and die?” Here is a woman who had lost everything and was on the verge of losing Her husband was bearing agonizing pain. I mean can you blame her?  But Job, he never once thought about turning against God.

There is definitely a lesson to be learned from Job.  Throughout this story we may ask ourselves, “Why God, why did you allow Job to suffer?” Through careful studying, God allowed Job to suffer so that people around him and the many generations after him could benefit in how to properly handle suffering.  That is through “Holding onto God’s unchanging hands.”  It is only through Him that we are saved by grace and will achieve the ultimate reward which is Heaven.  Not only does the story of Job emphasize to keep trusting in the Lord and praying, but to also cherish our current situations: what we have, what we have lost, the good times, and the bad time.  The depth of the troubles does not matter it is how we recognize and serve God throughout our suffering that is most important.

This Holiday season, I am most thankful for my failures and losses, as well as my successes, for one they could have been worst much like Job’s suffering, and two God spared my life for me to get it right and understand from Job’s experience that it is only through Him that we have anything including life, wealth, and opportunity.  With knowing this it narrows my focus to the things that are most important which is my loving and caring husband, my wonderful supportive family and friends, my adorable / needy puppy, my career, progress in my college career, various opportunities that I have been able to utilize, but ultimately, my steady improvement in my relationship with God.

Now that I have shared what I am most thankful for, I would like to know what you are most thankful.  So if you have time comment on the things, people, and situations you are most thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and God bless!

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About AI

Hi Everyone, First and foremost, I love talking about the Lord, because I know through Him all things are possible. He has brought me through the many unexpected trials of life, and He still loves me even after all of my trespasses. I aspire to love anyone and everything like Jesus. I would consider myself a Positivist and I am the epitome of a DOER! I believe that if you are positive you will get anything accomplished. It may be hard, it may be difficult but at the end you will achieve success in knowing you can DO anything! I like to find and witness the good in everything. I like to know what's going on with people, why they think the way they think or do the things they do! I love to have discussions about things, feelings, ideas, people, etc. that matter and that could potentially improve someone's situation or mindset. So why not start a blog? It is the new Gift of Gab!!! It's a way to acquire diverse opinions, talk and meet new people, everything I love to do!!! I hope you all enjoy reading my blogs and feel free to comment and share anything that is on your mind... Follow me on Instagram: @ana.honesty Blessings ALL!!! :-)
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7 Responses to It’s Thanksgiving!

  1. T5 says:

    Thankful for family and just being here

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jessica says:

    Awesome post Ana. I have been through alot in my personal and professional life and I have asked God, why me. But going through what I did has made me the person I am today. It has made my relationship with God stronger, my relationship with my husband and kids is incredible, I have what I have now because God told me not to give up and keep pushing. God got me through it and for that I am thankful, thankful for all the lessons and blessings in my life.


    • anaingram says:

      Amen!! Trust me I understand!!! I thank God for the good and bad. I finally realized that without God in the equation I was miserable, funny because I was raised in the church. Very thankful for you reading and commenting. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!



    Great post and thanks for the follow. I look forward to your postings.

    Abundant blessings, Emma


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