Run and Record THAT!

This video portrays the blatant disrespect from our youth.  If so-called children undermine the teacher as a temporary authority figure until they return to their parents, what makes you think they are going to respect the police?

What society keeps eliminating from every recorded hostile situation between an officer and our youth is the disrespect factor that the youth seem to portray so bold now-a-days. Although, there was not many recording devices in their era, there have been various iconic black figures that have gotten arrested and did not resist arrest, to include Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks. When they decided to take a stand for what they believed in they knew the consequences of their actions and knew where that was going to lead them.  So, I ask why do we make matters worst now?

There are so many complaints, poems, blogs, news articles, video clips etc. floating around out there that highlight the violent reactions of a spiraling situation but we always fail to highlight all the factors that led to a tragic event.

I understand that police brutality and prejudice are alive and thrive strongly throughout our society today, but that cannot always be the answer to every horrific ending, whether it be a lengthy sentence or traumatic death. Sometimes we need to admit we just have bad children that have not been raised properly.  I understand that this topic may cause a lot of controversy, but honestly, am I wrong?

All of us are guilty of being disrespectful at some point in time of our life, but the difference between me and others is discipline, structure, morals, and values taught by my mother and father, not to mention a multitude of elders that my mother gave permission to discipline me if I even attempted to portray unscrupulous behavior.  Not only is it discipline, structure, morals, and values that separate me from others it also has a lot to do with education and a seasoned mother who knew what types of crooks and evils that dwell in this world and teaching me how to properly handle and avoid these situations, and a lot of times that is through being humble.

To be honest, we are failing our youth and making it easier for racial situations and police brutality to occur. All I see is our black women on Facebook, Instagram, other social media sites with excessive amounts of make-up smothering their pores, and indecent flaunting of private areas,i.e. breast and butt, but you want people to take you serious? From males, I see you posting your illegal drugs, lethal weapons, and massive amounts of cash, and society is suppose to take you serious? Right?!?!?!

I have heard on numerous occasions “Man, these cops out here trying to get me!” “It’s always the white man’s fault.” “Locking all the niggas up!” “It’s the cops fault I can’t get a decent job!” “Free my nigga so-and-so.” For what? They committed a crime, obviously, he was found guilty, now he has to do his time. No, the criminal justice system is not intentionally going to let a criminal back on the streets, so he can commit more crime, and, ultimately, raise taxpayer dollars!!! You sound dumb, please, stop the insanity!  (This is not to say the criminal justice system is always right.)

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We have so many civil right leaders ready to pursue litigation for justice, and so many ready to march, and so many ready to participate in peaceful or destructive rallies or riots, and so many ready to fight this inevitable fight for equality. Although, it has a direct impact on society through law revisions it is only after a death, prison sentencing, and various other ways that we are only losing blacks and misconstruing the true meaning of what we are fighting for.  Yes, I want peace and equality too, but the lack of morals, values, discipline and increasingly high volume of ignorance, inability to humble ourselves, and division held among blacks is prohibiting us from reaching a goal. We are the quickest to claim a hostile situation as racist, but what are we doing to prevent these situations from occurring and how are we preventing our children from getting hurt and killed?

Yes, we need to be able to depict racial situations and know when to take a stand, but we also need to own up to our failure of parenting and mentoring our youth.

  1. We need to stop promoting our children to fight in schools and beat someone down.
  2. We need to stop promoting children to do whatever they feel like in school, because these are there formative years in how to become law abiding citizen.
  3. Children need both of their parents, and boys especially need their fathers, for structure and discipline.
  4. We need to teach our children about the law and how to properly respond to police officers to prevent some of the worst case scenarios from taking place, such as death and life in prison.
  5. Yes, I know the police will not always be right, but we also need to prepare our children for those situations.  Unfortunately, we do not always have the answers, but we can start by teaching our children to humble themselves in the face of adversity.
  6. We need to spank our children and let them know when they have done wrong.
  7. It takes a community to raise a child, if you see Sally Sue or Billy Bob acting up, do not be afraid of letting them know they are wrong to increase their survival rate in society.
  8. We need to let them know education is important. Being the lawyer that can effect the change in policies and laws is what we want them to be and not the example.

We need to stop blaming racism and police brutality and start preventing our children from being hurt and killed through active disciplining, promoting education, humbleness, and respect.

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6, New International Version)


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