Vindictive Dependapotamus

My definition of Dependapotamus: A lazy woman who seeks out a man with every intention to financially depend on him and reap the benefits of his lifestyle and what all he has worked for in life.

Dependapotamus does not have to just be fat, they can be skinny.  They do not just have to be facially challenged, they can be drop dead gorgeous.  They do not have to be broke, they can have a little something saved up and still want all of what you got, because they feel entitled.  They do not just have to seek out military members, they can seek out any man trying to do something with his life!!!

Men on behalf of all women I would like to sincerely apologize for the hardships that you have to go through with vindictive women.  Although, it is not easy being a woman – like the old saying goes men are from Mars, women are from Venus – I will not use that as a crutch, because I am tired, rather exhausted, of what women can get away with, with our legal system.  It is heartbreaking when you actually witness a good man get stripped of all his rights in custody battles.

And, I have to ask because I do not understand, “Why do women take a good, hard working man and break them, intentionally break them?”  I am not by far talking about the relationships where the man is continually cheating or physically/emotionally abusing his significant other.  I think they deserve to get what is coming for them.

I am talking about a genuine, caring, loving man, that would do anything for his significant other and child. Although, women are considered the nurturers of the family, not all are fit to be mothers.  And, that’s a FACT! But NO, you want to be a dependapotamus, and think that a man is going to take care of all your needs as long as you have his children.  I am sorry women but as long as a man tells you “not to get a job because he willfully wants to pay for everything while you are a housewife” then do something that will benefit your relationship, family, and pockets.

I have witnessed so many faithful men have all their money stolen out of their accounts by the time they come home from deployment, women have cheated on them had babies by other men, 50% of pensions and other retirement plans have to be involuntarily split, etc.  Do not let children be involved because matters get worse. Children are abducted by the mothers and fathers have no sense of their child’s whereabouts and little to no visitation rights or monitored visitations.  There is also the infamous statement “You are not the Father” after 7-10 years of being married and fathering a child that was never yours and now you are stuck paying child support.  Honestly, there are just too many scenarios that can fit under this topic.

A Word for Women:

  1. STOP USING YOUR CHILDREN AS A MEANS FOR A STEADY PAY CHECK.  There is nothing wrong with you, if you are able to think of all these sneaky, conniving ways to take money that does not rightfully belong to your no good, lazy butt then you are able to figure out how to apply for a job, obtain a degree, and make something useful out of your life.
  2. Also, stop exploiting your children to these unruly situations, that is traumatic for a child in their younger years.  They should know that their parents love them and are willing to sacrifice their emotions and feeling towards one another to properly parent and love them.
  3. Instead of becoming dependent on a man (a.k.a dependapotamus)  taking care of all your expenses and lifestyle, because you think that is cool, go to school, get a degree, and at least get a part-time job bring something to the table. No man just wants a lazy woman around them, unless he’s super rich and wants a trophy wife. Financial issues are the number one reasons for divorces.  Then you have the nerve to not only obtain more than enough money for the child, but try to obtain money for yourself to get your hair, nails done and new outfits and whatever else you can think to buy, while your child looking like “who did it and got away with it”!!!!
  4. Stop being vindictive when a man does not want you anymore. You and Him having a relationship has nothing to do with being a good parent to your child.
    1. If you are in a great relationship, then do not sabotage it, communicate your differences and concerns.  There’s only so much a man is going to take of your mess.
    2. If your guy is too nice and sweet and you want to have someone choking the hell out of you because that is so-called exciting then just happily break up break-up, do not take the father of your child through hell because he does not want you anymore.
  5. Ultimately, If you have a decent, intelligent,  God-fearing man, that wants to actively participate in his child’s life, then do not deny him the opportunity to be the best dad that he can be!

At the end of the day women it is your loss of a good man, stable relationship, and loving family, due to your greed and inability to love yourself.

A word of encouragement for men: Do not let these vindictive women get you down. I strongly believe that God puts us in certain situations to see how we are going to handle them. Keep pushing and keep praying!

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble.But take heart! I have overcome the world” (John 16:33, New International Version).

(Photo Credit: Pope Francis, Life Hack Quotes)


About AI

Hi Everyone, First and foremost, I love talking about the Lord, because I know through Him all things are possible. He has brought me through the many unexpected trials of life, and He still loves me even after all of my trespasses. I aspire to love anyone and everything like Jesus. I would consider myself a Positivist and I am the epitome of a DOER! I believe that if you are positive you will get anything accomplished. It may be hard, it may be difficult but at the end you will achieve success in knowing you can DO anything! I like to find and witness the good in everything. I like to know what's going on with people, why they think the way they think or do the things they do! I love to have discussions about things, feelings, ideas, people, etc. that matter and that could potentially improve someone's situation or mindset. So why not start a blog? It is the new Gift of Gab!!! It's a way to acquire diverse opinions, talk and meet new people, everything I love to do!!! I hope you all enjoy reading my blogs and feel free to comment and share anything that is on your mind... Follow me on Instagram: @ana.honesty Blessings ALL!!! :-)
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